So what is Society 5.0?

What is Society 5.0
Society 5.0 represents the 5th form of society in our human history, chronologically following hunting, farming, industry, and information. The Fourth Industrial Revolution is creating new values and services one after another, bringing a richer life to all.

Our daily life will change. Our working style will change.Let's sneak a peek at Society 5.0.

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Flying machineswill come
to your town!

Drones are being applied for delivering goods, surveying property, and supporting disaster relief around our world. They generate hopes and dreams, soaring over fields and mountains right to your very own neighborhood.

Drone delivery[daily life/work]

AI Home Appliances

Smart home applianceswill make daily life more pleasant.

Home appliances embedding artificial intelligence (AI) are developed and sold all over the world as well as in Japan. "Convenience" will accelerate when home appliances are linked to each other.
AI will support your daily life.

AI refrigerator[daily life] AI Speaker[daily life]
AI Home Appliances

Medical Care/Nursing

Tireless helperswill soon come to the assistance of caregivers and care recipients.

Our aging society is challenging our ability to provide medical and nursing care. Robots and other forms of cutting-edge technology are providing clues to solutions.

Telemedicine[daily life/work] Nursing Robots[daily life/work] Monitoring Service[daily life/work]
Medical Care/Nursing

Smart Work

The increasing role ofrobots
will banish hard labor!

Work is subject to weather and danger. Those toiling in challenging environments will soon have a cool and trustworthy partner at their side—a partner who can work under any condition.

Autonomous tractors[work] Cleaning robots[work] ICT cultivation[work]
Smart Work

Smart Management

Make shopping and travelling more convenient with thegiant "cloud."

The recent rapid diffusion of cloud services is delighting users and companies alike. The low capital investment and easy integration benefit small-and-medium-sized enterprises as well as individual businesses.

The Accounting Cloud[daily life/work] The Ryokan Cloud[daily life/work] Production/sales management [daily life/work]
A giant “cloud” that makes shopping and travelling more convenient

Autonomous vehicles

A new hero is emerging on the scene in logistics and transportation.

Autonomous driving, frequently depicted in movies and manga, is technology that symbolizes the future. We can expect to see its use start in public transportation and logistics and spread to general households.

Autonomous buses[daily life/work]Truck Caravan[work]
A new hero is emerging on the scene in logistics and transportation.

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