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March 2011

Human Security
The Pursuit of Peace and Happiness

Human Security
The Pursuit of Peace and Happiness
  ( HTML : English / Japanese )

The concept of human security entails enabling people in all countries to live with "freedom from fear," "freedom from want" and "freedom to live in dignity." We introduce some of the ways in which Japan is working to build human security in the international arena.

Giving Substance to Human Security  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(136KB)

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) President Sadako Ogata explains her commitment to developing the concept of human security.

Returning Peace to Ituri  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(137KB)

Jean-Francois Dubuisson of the UNDP Field Office in Bunia, Democratic Republic of Congo, reports on activities to return peace to the war-torn region by the Trust Fund for Human Security.

Disaster Relief for Haiti  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(264KB)

Following the devastating earthquake in Haiti of January 2010, what role has the Japan Self-Defense Forces played in disaster relief and recovery activities?

When the Tractor Breaks Down...  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(308KB)

At JICA Obihiro International Center in Hokkaido, agricultural leaders from developing countries come to learn some of the engineering skills needed to sustain farming in their countries.


Love for Haiti  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(276KB)

Artists from Japan's music and art worlds have come together to form the Love for Haiti movement.


Old Shoes Bring a Smile to Africa  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(295KB)

Shoes that Japanese children have outgrown are making their way to impoverished regions of Africa via the SMILE AFRICA project.


Building Trust in Human Security  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(120KB)

Yukio Takasu, a UN special advisor on human security, shares his thoughts on diplomatic efforts to promote the human security concept, in particular by Japan.


The 14th Japan Media Arts Festival  ( HTML : English / Japanese )

This year's Japan Media Arts Festival received 2,645 submissions from forty-nine countries and regions, the highest number ever. We review the exhibition and interview two of the prizewinners.

The 4th International MANGA Award  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(321KB)

The International MANGA Award received 189 entries from thirty-nine countries and regions this year. We take a look at some of the winning works.


DREB Genes to Boost Harvests  ( HTML : English / Japanese )

A genetic modification technology developed by Professor Kazuko Yamaguchi-Shinozaki some twelve years ago is now close to practical application, offering real hopes for improved food production in areas of difficult and worsening environmental conditions.


Cutlery for All  ( HTML : English / Japanese )

Tableware produced by small enterprise Aoyoshi Co. in Tsubame, Niigata Prefecture is making eating easier for dexterously challenged elderly and disabled people.


Creative Breaks  ( HTML : English / Japanese )

A trip to any of Japan's craft-making hotbeds is not complete until you've tried your hand at the craft yourself. We visit workshops in the pottery-making town of Mashiko in Tochigi Prefecture and a cut glass-making quarter of Sumida Ward in Tokyo.


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