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April 2011

Pulling Together
Thank you for being at our side

Pulling Together: Thank you for being at our side  ( HTML : English / Japanese )

The Great East Japan Earthquake left Japan facing an "unprecedented crisis." Thanks to the support of millions of people both at home and abroad, the recovery process has now begun.

World Rushes to Japan's Aid  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(573KB)

Assistance for Japan after the disaster of March 11 has come in many different forms, and from around the world.

Toward Reconstruction  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(406KB)

Rescue and relief activities in Japan in the immediate aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake were both swift and far-reaching, and came from all strands of society.


Thank You for the Kizuna PDF(409KB)

On behalf of all Japan, Prime Minister Naoto Kan expresses his appreciation for friendship and support from around the world in a time of need.


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