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The Road to Recovery

The Road to Recovery  ( HTML : English / Japanese )

"Creative reconstruction" is underway in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11.

A Real Team Effort  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(443KB)

The activities of the Kamaishi Seawaves rugby team after the tsunami which devastated their town have captured the imagination of people around the world.

Companies Hold Firm to Boost Recovery  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(269KB)

Introducing the activities of three very different companies in the immediate aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Fearless in Tokyo  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(127KB)

Three foreign journalists give an account of their personal experiences on and after March 11.

Ri Ri and Shin Shin Pull in the Crowds  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(117KB)

Ueno Zoo has welcomed two new giant pandas to its enclosures in Tokyo.


Normal Service Is Resumed  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(213KB)

Less than two months after the earthquake and tsunami of March 11, the Tohoku Shinkansen line fully reopened.


When Parallel Lines Converge  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(116KB)

An interview with Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Japan Dr. Volker Stanzel.


Cherry Blossoms  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(433KB)

A little over a month after the earthquake and tsunami which devastated coastal areas of Iwate Prefecture, Tenshochi park in Kitakami once again drew in thousands of visitors as its famous cherry trees burst into bloom.


Returning in Numbers  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(325KB)

Consumers in Tokyo have been rushing to buy goods produced in the areas hardest hit by the March 11 disaster.


Fourth Japan-China- ROK Trilateral Summit  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(225KB)

Highlights of a roundtable discussion between leading diplomats from Japan, China and the Republic of Korea.

Coherent Policy Management the Key  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(126KB)

Professor Takao Komine comments on the likely course of the Japanese economy in the short and medium terms.


Roadmap towards Restoration  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(113KB)

The Japanese government has released a roadmap for actions for recovery following the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.


Children's Support Gives Strength  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(287KB)

The actions of children around the world have given courage to victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake.


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