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March 2012

Rising from Adversity TOHOKU, ONE YEAR ON

PM Addresses the Foreign Media  ( HTML : English / Japanese )

Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda offered a "group interview" to representatives of eighteen foreign press organizations on March 3.

Rising from Adversity TOHOKU, ONE YEAR ON  ( HTML : English / Japanese )

March 11 marks the one-year anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and the devastating tsunamis which followed it. In this month's Cover Story, we meet numerous non-Japanese who have supported the extraordinary recovery and reconstruction activities which are still ongoing in the affected region.

Return of the Chinese Trainees  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(172KB)

Trainees from China have been returning to their positions at marine product and food processing plants in Iwate Prefecture.

Learning the Spirit of Omotenashi  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(216KB)

Two young Taiwanese women, who were just eight days in Japan when the Great East Japan Earthquake struck, are still working happily at the Hanamaki Minami Onsen-kyo Village in Iwate Prefecture.

Building Connections  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(386KB)

Long-time resident of Japan Steve Yamaguchi continues to put his weight behind reconstruction activities in Miyagi Prefecture.

Home Is Where the Heart Is  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(263KB)

Vincent Dromer from France is back in the kitchen of his family-owned patisserie in Shiogama, Miyagi Prefecture.

Radio "Mutual Assistance"  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(109KB)

The Bayanihan Kesennuma Filipino Community and its radio show has been bringing comfort and support to listeners both in Japan and overseas.

Research Resumed  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(109KB)

Metallic materials researcher Zhao Xiaoli from China has been doing "whatever she can" to help get her university, Tohoku University in Sendai, back on its feet.

Bridge Building through Language  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(247KB)

Assistant language teacher Jake Derector was teaching in Ishinomaki when the March 11 tsunami struck his adopted town...

Ishinomaki Graffiti  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(153KB)

Japanese-Brazilian artist Titi Freak has brought a splash of color to temporary housing in Ishinomaki.

Royal Return for Koriyama Curry Chefs  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(118KB)

To the delight of their regular customers, two Indian chefs have returned to the restaurant where they worked in Koriyama.

From Rwanda with Love  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(301KB)

Kambenga Marie Louise from Rwanda has enjoyed a close connection with her "second home," Fukushima, for almost two decades.

Canada's "Biggest Fan" of Fukushima  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(141KB)

Fukushima University's William McMichael considers it "[my] role to establish links between Fukushima and Canada, and between Fukushima and the rest of the world."

Machizukuri Mariko  ( HTML : English / Japanese )

Leading urban planner Mariko Saigo has been lending her skills to reconstruction activities in tsunami- hit Ishinomaki.

Not Just Any Old Iron  ( HTML : English / Japanese )

Iwachu Casting Works in Iwate Prefecture has won international recognition for the products it makes based on centuries-old techniques.

Let It Snow  ( HTML : English / Japanese )

The Ouchijuku Snow Festival was held as always in February in idyllic Minamiaizu-gun.

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