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The online magazine HIGHLIGHTING JAPAN

July 2020




    What makes Tokyo what it is? Architecture, entertainment, fashion, food... In this month’s issue, we take a look at some of the diverse and yet long-standing features that contribute to the atmosphere and unique charm of Japan’s capital city.



  • Diversity: The Source of Tokyo’s Vitality

    An interview with editor and critic Yamada Goro

  • Tokyo Tower: Beloved Symbol of the Capital

    Tokyo Tower is, for many people, the defining image of Tokyo, even after more than sixty years.

  • Entertainment City Shibuya

    The Shibuya district of Tokyo, long a hub for youthful fashion, art and culture, is undergoing a transformation.

  • Vinyl Forever: Record Shopping in Tokyo

    Tokyo is home to a large number of record stores catering to a growing number of vinyl enthusiasts.

  • Kimono Without Borders

    A talented young designer is challenging the conventional wisdom about how or where kimono should be worn.

  • Sharing a Love of Tokyo’s Food

    American David Conklin is passing on his deep knowledge of Tokyo’s food culture as a writer and local tour guide.

  • The Enduring Charm of Goldfish Hill

    A slope in the Hongo area of Tokyo is named for the long-established and still thriving local goldfish trade.

  • An Apartment Complex Reborn

    At Tamadaira-no-Mori in Hino City, Tokyo, reconstruction of a popular apartment complex has provided an opportunity for new community development.



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