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The online magazine HIGHLIGHTING JAPAN

September 2020




    Fabric weaving and dyeing techniques have a long history in Japan and have been integral to the development of a sophisticated fashion culture epitomized by the kimono as well as numerous other unique fabric forms. In this month's Feature, we take a close look at some of the representative fabrics of Japan and their wide range of uses.



  • Japanese Fabrics and the Evolution of the Kimono

    An interview with Nagasaki Iwao, Professor in the Department of Textile and Clothing at Kyoritsu Women's University.

  • The New Traditions of Nishijin Textiles

    A centuries-old weaving company is producing unprecedented Nishijin textiles through new techniques and collaborations.

  • Doncho: The Weaver's Giant Canvas

    The mighty theater curtains of Japan are intricate handwoven works of art in themselves.

  • Silk Flowers Conveying the Elegance of the Court

    The courtly custom of making and displaying silk flowers is being kept alive thanks to the skills of Oki Suju.

  • Noren: The Face of a Shop

    Many shops in Japan hang noren at their entrances which have traditionally been made by skilled local artisans.

  • Imabari: The Home of Towels

    Imabari City in Ehime Prefecture is synonymous with the production of high- quality towels.

  • The Furoshiki Prince and the Revival of the Wrapping Cloth

    Yokoyama Isao is promoting the revival of furoshiki wrapping cloths by demonstrat- ing their many uses.

  • A Reusable Shopping Bag That Folds in an Instant

    A new type of bag which is compact and can be folded quickly has been a big hit with shoppers in Japan.



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