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March 2021




    Government, industry and academia in Japan are working to promote "smart mobility” services that contribute to solving public transport challenges associated with a declining birthrate and aging population. It is expected that these services, which utilize a range of IoT, AI and automated driving technologies, will also help to revitalize regional economies.



  • Smart Mobility Challenge

    An interview with Kubota Masaharu, Deputy Vice-Minister for Public Transport and Logistics Policy at the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

  • New Transport System for Aging Communities

    Mobility service trials are under way in a “New Town” in Aichi Prefecture with a view to improving public transport for the growing elderly population.

  • “Sukamobi” to Revitalize the Region

    Yokosuka City in Kanagawa Prefecture is engaging the private sector and academia in the pursuit of smart mobility.

  • ETC 2.0: Two-Way Communication between Vehicles and the Road

    The latest Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) system provides a wealth of information to ETC-equipped vehicles on Japan’s highways.

  • Promoting the Barrier-free Design of Railway Facilities

    Japan’s railway facilities continue to be improved to enable barrier-free mobility for all.

  • The Popularization of “Next-Generation Vehicles”

    The automotive industry is entering into a once-in-a-century revolution.

  • Flying Cars to Take to the Skies

    Once the stuff of science fiction, flying cars are about to become a reality.

  • Zero Emission Ships on the Horizon

    As a shipping and shipbuilding nation, Japan aims to build “Zero-Emission Ships” that emit no greenhouse gases.



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