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March 2022

Dolls, Puppets and Model Figures of Japan

Cover March 2022


  • THEME FOR MARCHDolls, Puppets and Model Figures of Japan

    Japanese people have cherished ningyo (dolls) since ancient times and continue to do so for reasons ceremonial, recreational and artistic. We introduce some of the best known traditional and modern types of ningyo, from the Hina Ningyo after which the age-old Doll Festival is named to ningyo joruri puppets and the “model figures” of today loved by young and old alike.



  • The History and Culture of Japanese Dolls

    An interview with Hayashi Naoteru, director of the Japan Doll Culture Research Laboratory

  • Kyoto Hina Dolls

    Inspired by ancient imperial ceremonies and events, Kyoto Hina Ningyo (Hina dolls) are elegant and refined.

  • Hakata Ningyo Expressing Human Emotions

    Hand-painted Hakata Ningyo dolls are distinguished by their “personality” and rich, delicate coloring.

  • The Kokeshi Dolls of Tohoku

    The kokeshi makers of northeastern Japan are passing on traditional techniques while creating new and original kokeshi dolls.

  • Ningyo Joruri Puppets

    The puppets used in ningyo joruri are lovingly imbued with “character” by skilled craftsmen.

  • The Kasuisai Hina Matsuri Doll Festival

    Kasuisai temple in Fukuroi City, Shizuoka Prefecture, hosts a magnificent Hina Matsuri festival from January 1 to March 31.

  • Iida Puppet Festa

    The Iida Puppet Festa is Japan’s largest and one of the world’s best-known puppetry events.

  • The Creation of Fascinating Model Figures

    Introducing the company that pioneered the “model figure” industry.



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