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The online magazine HIGHLIGHTING JAPAN



Cover SEPTEMBER 2022


  • Autumn in Japan is a season with many things to look forward to, from the changing colors of the trees, wagashi sweets, elegant kimono and the appearance of the cosmos flowers to the autumn harvests and traditional seasonal events. In this month’s issue of Highlighting Japan, we pick out a few of the characteristic features of autumn in Japan.


  • An interview with Miura Yasuko, a researcher of Japanese culture, about the scenery, events, customs, and foods of autumn in Japan.

  • In mid-September, the trees and alpine plants of Mt. Asahidake in Hokkaido begin to change color, the first in Japan to do so.

  • Introducing a centuries-old wagashi (Japanese sweets) maker in Kyoto and some of its classic autumn sweets.

  • A Yabusame (horseback archery) ritual is performed in Kamakura in autumn every year as part of a festival that dates back 800 years.

  • Nakatsugawa City in Gifu Prefecture is famous for its chestnuts and for the kurikinton chestnut confectioneries first made there.

  • In autumn every year, Daikakuji Temple in Sagano, Kyoto City holds its Kangetsu-no-yube (moon-viewing party).

  • Kyo-yuzen is a technique developed in Kyoto for dyeing kimono fabric. The kimono elegantly capture the sense of the changing seasons.

  • Nokonoshima Island in Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture, is a resort island escape famed for its scenery and its autumnal cosmos displays.