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Prime Minister's Diary



Above: Prime Minister Abe shaking hands with Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Canada Below: Prime Minister Abe delivering an address at the 68th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations

From September 24 to September 27, Prime Minister Abe visited Canada and the United States. In Canada, Prime Minister Abe held talks with Mr. Stephen Harper, Prime Minister of Canada. In the United States, he attended the 68th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) and delivered an address at the General Debate.

Prime Minister Abe said, "I pledge here that I will make Japan a force for peace and stability, just as it has been until now, or rather, to a degree even greater than it has been thus far, given the increasingly tragic state suffusing the globe. Japan will newly bear the flag of 'Proactive Contribution to Peace."

He also said, "Japan intends to make efforts towards measures that will ensure the participation of women at all stages, including the prevention and resolution of conflicts as well as peace-building, and that will also safeguard the rights and the physical well-being of women who are exposed to danger in times of conflict."

Prime Minister Abe stated that the Government of Japan will implement ODA in excess of US$ 3 billion over the next three years for those purpose.


Session of leaders and their spouses

On October 7, during his visit to the Republic of Indonesia to attend the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Leaders' Meeting, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe delivered a keynote speech at APEC CEO Summit 2013.

"Japan has the experience of achieving rapid economic growth even while overcoming energy shortages, pollution, and other such limitations. And we are a people who will not be stingy in sharing any of those experiences and technologies."

"So my message to you is the following. When considering the mounting need for infrastructure build-up and urban development in your countries, always remember that you have Japan, a country always intent to contribute to your endeavours, with its technologies and experiences, in partnership with people whose in-depth knowledge of the local markets is indispensable. And it goes without saying that for investors, tremendous investment opportunities will also emerge in such areas."

"Through the 'APEC spirit', we will mobilize the region's technologies, knowledge, and capital in order to push forward in creating the world's most advanced infrastructure."


Japan-ASEAN Summit Meeting

The Sixteenth Japan-ASEAN Summit was held on October 9, 2013 in Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei Darussalam. Prime Minister Abe attended the meeting. Prime Minister Abe noted that Brunei Darussalam marked his 8th ASEAN Member State that he has visited since taking office and reflects the importance Japan puts on ASEAN. He looked forward to visiting all ten Member States by the end of this year, which marks the 40th anniversary of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation, as well as welcoming all ASEAN leaders to Tokyo in December during the ASEAN-Japan Commemorative Summit.

Prime Minister Abe wished that all ASEAN leaders will enjoy their stay in Japan, and stated that Japan is preparing for the summit so that the visits would be fruitful and worthy of commemorating the 40th anniversary.

He also mentioned that the most significant outcome of the commemorative summit would be to address to the world a vision that will direct the future of Japan and ASEAN, and wished that concrete measures and projects can be discussed so that there will be productive results.

Photographs and text courtesy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and the Public Relations Office of the Government of Japan.