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Japan's technological achievements

Suzuki Precion

Precision and Family in Tochigi


Catch an express train out of Tokyo Station and 90 minutes later you will find yourself in Kanuma, a quiet town surrounded by the beautiful foothills and flowing rivers of Tochigi Prefecture. Crisp, clean air and quiet tranquility are the orders of the day. While this may seem to be the spot for an idyllic hot spring resort or some natural marvel, it is in fact a hotbed for high-precision machining and manufacturing.

Suzuki Precion was founded in 1961 as Suzuki Seiki, which produced machine parts to match designs provided by its external clients. In 1991, founder Etsuro Suzuki passed on the company to his son, Tsuneyoshi, and a year later, along with changing its name to Suzuki Precion, the company moved into hyper-fine precision machinery.

In addition to creating micro-precise parts for the automotive and aeronautics industries, in 2006 Suzuki Precion acquired permits to begin manufacturing parts and equipment for medical service appliances. Using its cutting-edge precision tools, Suzuki Precion's 60 dedicated employees can now make such products as the titanium parts used to repair fractured bones. With Tsuneyoshi Suzuki moving to the position of chairman and his eldest son, Takuya, as CEO, the company is now shifting from parts manufacturing for external clients to the production and sale of its own original products.

The key to Suzuki Precion's success is its original IB-spindle, a high-speed milling rotary shaft. Many small manufacturers find their output limited by low-speed milling power, which is necessary to avoid heat mutation. But high-speed rotation is a necessity for the micro-fabrication in which Suzuki Precion specializes. It was natural for the company to take advantage of its foundation in precision machinery to create a unique geared spindle that is able to rotate at high speeds.

Development of the IB-spindle began in response to the company's own dissatisfaction with an imported spindle, which had not offered the precision desired. The result of Suzki Precion's innovation was a spindle that allowed a 400% increase in speed with a tolerance of just three microns, which singlehandedly boosted production accuracy and allowed an inexpensive expansion of output. Realizing that there was no spindle of comparable quality on the market, Suzuki Precion began production and sale of its own original design.

Regardless, attention to quality of work and employees' quality of life supersede the needs for quick profits and fast expansion. Built up slowly and steadily through three generations of proud, dedicated and hardworking leaders, Suzuki Precion is a family business where employees are treated just so. As a result, the engineers and technicians on the factory floor are extremely dedicated, with a high sense of pride in both their work and the company as a whole, which can be difficult for larger industrial and corporate entities to achieve.

It might be said that Suzuki Precion's greatest passion lies not only in its products in and of themselves, but in the pride and care that its people take in their work. The company exudes a familial strength that has weathered fickle economic storms – a slow and sustainable growth that flows forward like the river by which the company was built.


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