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Leaning In

- The Power of Womenomics -


"There is a theory called 'womenomics,' which asserts that the more the advance of women in society is promoted, the higher the growth rate becomes."

"Declaring my intention to create 'a society in which women shine,' I have been working to change Japan's domestic structures. However, this is not confined merely to domestic matters."
"I wish to bring about 'a society where women shine,' both within Japan and also in regions in conflict and countries suffering from poverty."

Delivering these declarations at the 68th Session of the U.N. General Assembly, Prime Minister Abe stated that Japan will implement official development assistance (ODA) in excess of US$3 billion over the next three years, targeting three pillars: promoting women's participation in society and the empowerment of women, greater efforts in the field of health and medical care for women, women's participation and protection in the areas of peace and security.

In a bold step toward a society wherein women are given opportunities and can participate actively, Masako Mori was appointed to the newly created position of Minister in charge of Support for Women's Empowerment and Child-Rearing. (See interview)

This issue focuses on the efforts being made toward the advancement of women both inside and outside of Japan, as well as highlighting the trailblazing Japanese women who already shine out both domestically and on the world stage.