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Prime Minister's Diary



Prime Minister Abe Visits New Zealand, Australia and Papua New Guinea

Prime Minister Abe visited Australia/Oceania in early July for summits with the leaders of New Zealand, Australia and Papua New Guinea. The prime minister exchanged views with leaders, discussed the future, and strengthened bilateral relationships.

Prime Minister Abe VISITS Mexico, the Caribbean and South America

In late July and early August, Prime Minister Abe stopped in Mexico, the Caribbean and three South American nations to confer with leaders there. “In Portuguese, they are: Progredir juntos (progress together), Liderar juntos (lead together) and Inspirar juntos (inspire together). I call these “juntos” the “three guiding principles”. From here on, as Japan infinitely deepens its cooperation with Latin America and the Caribbean, these are the principles that will constantly guide us. I emphasize the importance of “juntos”; of sharing, hand in hand, hearts united, hardships, efforts, and hopefully, jubilations between Japan and Brazil, Japan and Latin America and the Caribbean.” he said.

Photographs and text courtesy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and the Cabinet Public Relations Office of the Government of Japan.