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Prime Minister's Diary

Mekong-Japan Summit Meeting

On July 4, Prime Minister Abe attended the Seventh Mekong-Japan Summit Meeting in Tokyo.

At the beginning, Prime Minister Abe explained: “The Mekong region occupies a strategic position for land and maritime transport, and its peace and stability are therefore extremely important to Japan. The Mekong region is achieving powerful economic growth and is a partner with the potential for abundant growth.”

While summing up the accomplishments of “Tokyo Strategy 2012,’’ Prime Minister Abe proposed “New Tokyo Strategy 2015’’ as an initiative for the coming three years based on the view that it is important to realize quality growth in the Mekong region that combines inclusiveness, sustainability, and resilience. Furthermore, Prime Minister Abe announced that Japan will provide 750 billion yen of Official Development Assistance (ODA) support to the Mekong region over the next three years.

Japan-Luxembourg Summit Meeting

On July 17, Prime Minister Abe hosted a summit meeting with H. E. Mr. Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, at the Prime Minister’s Office.

Prime Minister Abe welcomed Prime Minister Bettel to Japan, and expressed his appreciation that Prime Minister Bettel chose Japan as his first country to visit outside the European Union (EU) since Luxembourg assumed the presidency of the Council of the EU in July.

Prime Minister Bettel expressed his gratitude for Prime Minister Abe’s invitation and hospitality. He explained that he was overjoyed to be able to visit Japan as the EU Presidency, which represents the 500 million people of the EU, and noted that the bilateral relations, including the relationship between the Imperial Family of Japan and the Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg, is extremely friendly. In addition, Prime Minister Bettel asked Prime Minister Abe to visit Luxembourg.

Japan-Honduras Summit Meeting

On July 22, Prime Minister Abe hosted a summit meeting with H. E. Mr. Juan Orlando Hernández Alvarado, President of the Republic of Honduras, at the Prime Minister’s Office.
Prime Minister Abe expressed his delight at President Hernández’ first visit to Japan, and was pleased to be able to commemorate eighty years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and Honduras, and greet the momentous Japan-Central America Friendship Year. Prime Minister Abe further conveyed his unwavering support for Honduras’ stability and development, as well as his desire to strengthen relations as partners in various fields.

In response, President Hernández expressed his delight at being able to visit Japan, which he held as closely as a brother or sister, in such a commemorative year, adding that he hoped to work hand in hand with Japan to further enhance relations.