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G7 Charlevoix Summit

on June 8 and June 9 Prime Minister Abe attended the G7 Charlevoix Summit held in Quebec, Canada.

In the context of the deepening interdependence of the global economy, anxiety and dissatisfaction with regards to globalization, etc. are giving rise to the temptation to protectionist movements, sometimes causing conflicts of interest between countries, but even in that context, at this G7 Summit the leaders confirmed the promotion of a rules-based international order, continuation of fighting protectionism, and the crucial role of a rules-based international trading system, and also agreed to a variety of measures for fostering a truly level playing field.

Prime Minister Abe stated that nothing other than the universal values shared by the G7, namely freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law which guarantee the free thought and activities of individuals, will bring about peace and stability in the international community, and he strongly emphasized that the G7 should play a greater role than ever before as driving forces in the international community, while leading discussions regarding innovation and employment, trade, North Korea, gender, etc.