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JAPAN’S HEALING FORESTS (PART 1) [POLICY-RELATED NEWS] Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan Designing Future Society for Our Lives

Expo 2025 logo (left) and MYAKU-MYAKU, the official character of the Expo (right) ©Expo 2025

Expo 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan, which will commence in April 2025, is themed ‘Designing Future Society for Our Lives’ and will serve as ‘a laboratory for a future society,’ where visitors can experience cutting-edge technologies, services, and systems that anticipate the future. In this article, we provide an overview of the Expo, now about a year away, and highlight some of the pavilion exhibits.

Theme: Designing Future Society for Our Lives
Concept: People’s Living Lab (A laboratory for a future society)
Venue: Yumeshima Island (Osaka City waterfront) (Within 50km of Kyoto and Nara)
Period: April 13 to October 13, 2025
Participation: 161 countries/regions and nine international organizations (as of March 14, 2024)

EXPO 2025 Pavilions 

At Expo 2025, participating countries and regions, international organizations, the Japanese government, local governments, and private companies will all showcase pavilions. The Expo aims to be a place where the world’s knowledge, including cutting-edge technology, will be brought together and ideas shared to co-create our future society.

♦ An Introduction to Official Participants' Pavilions

• Australia Pavilion

Design by Buchan Holdings Pty Ltd, Render by FloorSlicer

The design of the Australia Pavilion symbolizes Australia’s diversity, creativity, and incredible nature. Built using reusable and repurposed materials from previous major international events, sustainability is a strong focus at the Australia Pavilion. The theme of the pavilion is ‘Chasing the Sun’ and visitors will have the opportunity to engage in a variety of immersive programs that showcase the new Australia, including its modern capabilities, rich culture, and dynamic society.

• Thailand Pavilion

The main theme of the Thailand Pavilion, ‘Thailand Connecting Lives for Great Happiness,’ aims to spread joy to people globally through the warm and welcoming Thai smile. The architectural design, inspired by elephants and wood, reflects the grace and diversity of Thailand, while prioritizing eco-friendly practices for beauty and energy efficiency. Inside, visitors can explore three distinct areas: Cultural Landscape, Immunity, and Thai Landscape, each showcasing the allure of Thai culture and art through exhibitions and events. The pavilion will also highlight the richness and vitality of Thai cuisine, emphasizing the country’s food culture. 

*For information on other international pavilions, please access the links below.

Japanese: https://www.expo2025.or.jp/official-participant/
English: https://www.expo2025.or.jp/en/official-participant/

♦ Overview of Japan Pavilion (Japanese Government Pavilion)

Image of the exterior of the Japan Pavilion Provided by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

In the Japan Pavilion, Japan, as the host country, will hold presentations on the Expo’s theme, ‘Designing a Future Society for Our Lives,’ highlighting its initiatives. Specifically, under the theme ‘Between Lives,’ visitors will have the opportunity to experience the interconnected web and circulation of life. The pavilion employs technologies and systems to recycle carbon dioxide and waste, reintegrating them into circulation. It will showcase biogas power generation utilizing food waste from the Expo site, alongside other advanced Japanese carbon recycling technologies, to establish a cyclical loop, thereby illustrating the concept of circulation. Ultimately, the goal is to encourage visitors to embrace sustainable practices for achieving a sustainable society, encompassing ideals such as carbon neutrality and a circular economy.

Experience a ‘Future Society for Our Lives’

At the Expo site, visitors can immerse themselves in next-generation technologies and envision future societies spanning various fields. For instance, they can delve into a future where robots and AI are integral to daily life, and also witness the future of healthcare, where advanced technologies such as regenerative medicine are utilized for treatment.

1. Image of an encounter with an android robot at “Future of Life” produced by ISHIGURO HIROSHI 

The pavilion produced by ISHIGURO HIROSHI showcases approximately 20 androids and around 30 other robots, offering a glimpse into what life might be like in fifty years’ time.

2. Experimental Demonstration of the ‘AI Suitcase’

Experimental demonstration of the ‘AI Suitcase’ autonomous robot which can safely guide visually impaired people to their destinations both indoors and outdoors. ©Miraikan - The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation

3. A 3D artificial heart utilizing technology based on induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells)

At the pavilion managed by the Pasona Group, visitors can observe a heart created with induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) actually pulsating inside culture fluid.
©Cuorips Inc. All rights reserved.

As we move closer to the Expo period and beyond, expect updates on pavilion details and event information. If you are visiting Japan in 2025, be sure to experience the vision of the future societies that the Expo aims to achieve, bringing together people and innovations from around the world to create solutions for global issues.


For information on EXPO 2025 Osaka, Kansai, Japan, please access the links below.

Japanese: https://www.expo2025.or.jp/
English: https://www.expo2025.or.jp/en/

For ticket information, please access the links below or scan the QR code. 

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