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APEC/Address at the United Nations



On September 8 and 9, 2012, the APEC Economic Leaders' Meeting was held in Vladivostok, the Russian Federation, with Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda representing Japan.

At Session 1, Prime Minister Noda made a keynote statement as follows:

"Japan will continue to play a leading role in formulating trade and investment rules in the region towards the realization of a Free Trade Area of the Asia-Pacific (FTAAP); The Economic Leaders should endorse the 'APEC List of Environmental Goods' that would contribute to the green growth, on which the Ministers agreed; and APEC should spearhead the world with a strong message towards resisting protectionism.

At Session 2, Prime Minister Noda made a keynote statement as follows:

"It is important for the APEC region that accounts for half of global crops to address a recent sharp rise in global food prices in a calm and appropriate manner"; and "It is essential to work on increasing agricultural production and productivity as a medium- and long-term challenge towards strengthening food security, taking into account the importance of the 'Principles for Responsible Agriculture Investment' supported by Japan in promoting private investment which contributes to increasing agricultural production.

As the outcome of the meeting, the Vladivostok Declaration "Integrate to Grow, Innovate to Prosper" was issued.

Address at the United Nations

On September 26 (local time), Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda delivered an address at the 67th Session of the General Assembly of the United Nations Headquarters in New York, the United States.

On October 1, Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda reshuffled the Cabinet and the Third Reshuffled Noda Cabinet was inaugurated.

Japan Night at the Summer Davos

Attendees enjoy Japanese sake, shochu and cuisine. Special guests, Koji Hoshino, president of Studio Ghibli (left), and Sae Miyazawa (right) and Mariya Suzuki (center) of the Japanese all-girl pop phenomenon AKB48.
On September 11, Japan Night was held as a side event of the Summer Davos, which is organized annually by the World Economic Forum and held this year in Tianjin, China. The 2012 installment of Japan Night attracted about 560 attendees. Japan Night included displays of Japanese innovation and culture by both public and private sectors. It included for example videos showing Japan's attractiveness and strengths, and an exhibit on "smart community" initiatives and other advanced technology solutions which are planned to be introduced in the Tohoku region as part of the reconstruction process following the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Attendees also enjoyed a range of Japanese dishes, which they were able to pair with selected sake or shochu liquors.