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Prime Minister's Diary


Prime Minister Abe attends G7 summit

Prime Minister holding the press conference

Discussions during the session on foreign policy issues

G7 and EU leaders

On June 4 and 5, Prime Minister Abe attended the G7 Summit in Brussels and stated the following at a press conference:
"  'States shall make their claims based on international law. They shall not use force or coercion in trying to drive their claims, and they shall seek to settle disputes by peaceful means.'
These are principles that all countries must naturally uphold as members of the international community. On this occasion we successfully confirmed these principles as the G7. We must not under any circumstances accept changes to the status quo with force in the background. The issues which have their roots in Ukraine are global issues that also impact Asia. If we fail to address the rampant use of force or coercion, the world will be thrown into turmoil. I shared that sense of crisis with the leaders of the G7 once more. We are adamant that in neither Ukraine nor Asia can accept expansionism that challenges the regional order. The G7 was united in sending out to the world a message of its clear-cut will on this matter."
"At the summit one year ago, the attention of the world was focused on Japan's new economic policy, Abenomics. This year it was the results of this policy that drew attention. Through my 'three arrows,' the ratio of job offers to job seekers in Japan has risen for 17 consecutive months and is now higher than one offer of employment for every person seeking work.
A large number of companies have taken the bold decision to raise wages from this spring. At present, Japan is also an engine for reviving the global economy. During the session on the economy, I declared my determination to continue to push forward with reforms without flinching. 'Japan has returned once more to the world's center stage.' This was also a summit where I realized that once again."


Photographs and text courtesy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan and the Cabinet Public Relations Office of the Government of Japan.