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AWARDS Ceremony for “Capture the Best of Japan” G7 JAPAN 2016 Ise-Shima Photography Contest

Taking advantage of the opportunities provided by the worldwide attention that will be focused on Japan as it hosts the G7 Summit in Ise-Shima, the Cabinet Secretariat and Cabinet Office (Government of Japan) hosted the “Capture the Best of Japan” photography contest to introduce Japan’s wonderful regional, cultural and natural attractions. At the awards ceremony held on March 24 at Prime Minister’s Office, Prime Minister Abe awarded four selected works (from among over 17,000 submissions) the Prime Minister’s Award. The prime minister has spoken of his enthusiasm for the G7 Summit, saying; “ I want to thoroughly pass on to the next generation the beautiful nature and traditions of our furusato, as well as the calm days of the people living in them, which is captured in all of your works. To that end, in the midst of the beautiful nature of Ise-Shima, I hope to talk extensively with other leaders during the Summit about peace and prosperity in Japan and the rest of the world.” Photos submitted from abroad have also been selected for special prizes. We hope you will view the winning selections—approximately 150 photos—that capture the various charms of Japan. You are able to download photo collections as well.

G7 Summit website: http://www.japan.go.jp/g7/

Prime Minister’s Award

Japanese Nature Still Camera Division
Title: Eternal
Winner: Yo Iwata
Place: MIE / Meoto-iwa (Wedded Rocks)

Japanese Culture Still Camera Division
Title: Young Man
Winner: Fumi Komata
Place: NAGANO / Nanakuri Shrine, Iida City

Life in Japam Still Camera Division
Title: Guided by the Milky Way
Winner: Eiji Nakane
Place: IBARAKI / Suigo Itako Ayame Park

Best Shot Award

Smartphone Division
Title: My Son and His Friend . . . Feeling Worn Out?
Winner: Aya Ebihara
Place: TOKYO / Kindergarten bus taking children home