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Jizodo at Shofuku-ji Temple

July 2020


  • Kangiin Shodendo: Exquisite Carvings and Cherry Blossoms

    April 2021

  • A Zen Temple in Matsushima, One of the Three Most Scenic Spots of Japan

    March 2021

  • A Masterpiece of Zen Temple Architecture

    February 2021

  • A Shrine Dedicated to the Gods of the Sea

    January 2021

  • Tomioka Silk Mill: A Model for Modernization

    December 2020

  • The Church on the Hill in Nagasaki

    November 2020

  • The Shizutani School Proves Its Durability Over 350 Years

    October 2020

  • Japan's Oldest Extant Shrine in the Shinmei-zukuri Style

    September 2020

  • The Keep of Matsue Castle

    August 2020

  • Jizodo at Shofuku-ji Temple

    July 2020

  • The Old School Building from the Dawn of Modern Times

    June 2020

  • A Five-storied Pagoda Among the Mountains of the Gods

    May 2020