Defense of Japan 2022(2022年版 防衛白書 英語版)


号数 令和4年版
府省庁 防衛省
主管部局等 大臣官房広報課
発行回数 年刊
判型 A4変形
頁数 530
発行年月日 令和4年9月8日
発行所 日経印刷(株)
定価 6,000円(税別)
掲載サイト DEFENSE OF JAPAN (Annual White Paper)

●PartI Security Environment Surrounding Japan
Chapter 1 Overview
Chapter 2 Russia’s Aggression against Ukraine
Chapter 3 Defense Policies of Countries
Chapter 4 Trends Concerning New Domains including Outer Space, Cyberspace, and Electromagnetic Spectrum, and Challenges Facing the International Community
●PartII Basic Concepts of Japan’s Security and Defense
Chapter 1 Basic Concepts of Japan’s Security and Defense
Chapter 2 Japan’s Security and Defense Policy
Chapter 3 Organizations Responsible for Japan’s Security and Defense
Chapter 4 Build-up of Defense Capability, etc.
Chapter 5 Framework for Activities of the SDF and Others
●PartIII Three Pillars of Japan’s Defense (Means to Achieve the Objectives of Defense)
Chapter 1 Japan’s Own Architecture for National Defense
Chapter 2 Japan-U.S. Alliance
Chapter 3 Security Cooperation
●PartIV Core Elements Comprising Defense Capability, etc.
Chapter 1 Measures Relating to Training and Exercises
Chapter 2 Reinforcing Human Infrastructure and Intellectual Infrastructure
Chapter 3 Enhancement of Medical Functions
Chapter 4 Measures on Defense Equipment and Technology
Chapter 5 Enhancing Intelligence Capabilities
Chapter 6 Initiatives to Live in Harmony with Regional Society and the Environment


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