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The online magazine HIGHLIGHTING JAPAN

“HIGHLIGHTING Japan” is an official monthly online magazine to promote understanding of Japan for the people around the world, with variety of themes.

もっと知りたい、伝えたい。日本の’今’をアップデート ~ オンライン・マガジン HIGHLIGHTING JAPAN

#170 July 2022The Lighting of Japan

Cover July 2022

In this month’s issue of Highlighting Japan, we take a look at the lighting of Japan. The issue opens with an interview with lighting designer and researcher of lighting culture Fujiwara Takumi, who gives us an overview of the history of lighting in Japan. We meet top Japanese lighting designers Ishii Motoko and Mende Kaoru. We visit a scenic spot famed for its sparkling night views and a train station known for its illuminated “kimono forest.” We introduce the age-old craft of Gifu paper lantern making. And we look at some striking examples of lighting use both in lively summer festivals and solemn memorial ceremonies.