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“Government Public Relations Online” delivers government policies and information you need to your daily life.
With the motto "Making Tomorrow's Life Easy to Understand," we provide articles and videos in a comprehensible manner, focusing on topics relevant to your daily life from government initiatives.

Regarding the use of Government Public Relations Online

Government Public Relations Online is operated by Public Relations Office, Minister's Secretariat of the Cabinet Office (hereinafter referred to as “the Office”). Please be aware of the following points before using this website.

Functions for “Adding Hiragana” and “Plain Japanese”

We have included features such as “Adding Hiragana” and “Plain Japanese” at the top of the Japanese page to make the information available via the website (hereinafter referred to as “Content”) more readable and understandable to foreigners and others. By pressing the respective buttons, you can add furigana to the kanji on the displayed page or convert it to plain Japanese.

Note: Since it is automatically converted by a machine, there may be instances of incorrect conversion, especially for place names and personal names.

Functions of Web Accessibility Browsing Assistance Tool “FACIL’iti”

As part of our initiative to enhance web accessibility, we have introduced web accessibility browsing assistance tool.

Use of Content

For information on links to this website, reproduction, public transmission and adaptation through translation or other modifications, etc., please refer to our Copyright Information.

Accuracy of Content

The Office takes every possible care to ensure the accuracy of information contained in this website. However, the Office shall not assume responsibility for any consequences whatsoever that may result from actions taken by users based on the information on this website.

Cessation of Website Services

The Office shall not be responsible to users for any damages arising from a cessation of service due to maintenance of the website or a force majeure such as fire, power outage or other natural disasters, virus, or interference by a third party.


Content on the website is accurate as of the time of creation and may be subject to change or deletion without prior notice.

About the Government Public Relations and Public Hearing

Connecting Citizens and the Government:

The Public Relations Office, Minister's Secretariat of the Cabinet Office conducts both "public relations" activities to communicate important national policies to the citizens and "public hearing" activities to hear the public's voices regarding the nation's policies. These activities are all aimed at bridging the citizens and the government.


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