White Paper Disaster Management in Japan 〔非売品〕


号数 2022年度
府省庁 内閣府
主管部局等 政策統括官(防災担当)
発行回数 年刊
判型 A4
頁数 262
発行年月日 令和4年12月1日
発行所 内閣府(防災担当)普及啓発・連携担当参事官室
掲載サイト White Paper on Disaster Management : Disaster Management - Cabinet Office

防災白書 令和4年度版の英語版(ただし第二部、第三部は除く)

  • Chapter 1 Major Disasters in FY2021
    • Section 1 Disasters due to Heavy Rain from July 1 of 2021 (PDF:957.1KB)
    • Section 2 Disaster due to Heavy Rain in August of 2021 (PDF:795.3KB)
    • Section 3 Disaster due to Earthquake Centered Off North-West Region of Chiba Prefecture in 2021 (PDF:247.1KB)
    • Section 4 Disaster caused by Heavy Snowfall since December 25 of 2021 (PDF:144.8KB)
    • Section 5 Earthquake Centered Off the Coast of Fukushima Prefecture in 2022 (PDF:666.7KB)
    • Section 6 Response to the Heavy Rain in July and August 2021, and COVID-19 Countermeasures (PDF:471.9KB)
    • Section 7 Response by Volunteers and NPOs (PDF:870.5KB)
  • Chapter 2 Further Expansion of Disaster Management
    • Section 1 Consideration of the Prevention of Disasters Caused by Embankments (PDF:1.1MB)
    • Section 2 Publication of Names and other information of Persons Whose Safety is Unknown at the Time of Disaster (PDF205.3KB)
    • Section 3 Study Group on Evacuation Concerning the Series of Heavy Rain Disasters from July 2021 (PDF:645.2KB)
  • Chapter 3 Further Expansion and Improvement of Disaster Management
    • Section 1 Formulation of Individual Evacuation Plans and Building Affected People Supporting Systems (PDF:1.2MB)
    • Section 2 Study of Measures against Megathrust Earthquake in the Vicinity of the Japan and the Chishima Trenches (PDF:1.0MB)
    • Section 3 Study on Measures for Dealing with Stranded Persons due to a Tokyo Inland Earthquake (PDF:144.0KB)
    • Section 4 Recommendation for Disaster Prevention, Mitigation and Realization of a New Era of National Resilience (PDF:2.6MB)
    • Section 5 Further Enhancement of Disaster Risk Reduction Education in Schools (PDF:836.6KB)
    • Section 6 Disaster Risk Reduction x Technology Public-Private Partnership Platform (PDF:735.2KB)
    • Section 7 Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Measures Based on Climate Change Risks (PDF:384.6KB)
  • Chapter 1 Status of Initiatives for Disaster Management Measures
    • Section 1 Promotion of Disaster Risk Reduction in Advance through Self-Help and Mutual Support and Disaster Risk Reduction Activities through Collaboration Among Diverse Entities (PDF:5.2MB)
    • Section 2 Disaster Management System, Disaster Response and Preparedness (PDF:2.3MB)
    • Section 3 Responding to Disaster Threats (PDF:340.0KB)
    • Section 4 International Cooperation for Disaster Risk Reduction (PDF:354.3KB)
    • Section 5 Measures to Promote National Resilience (PDF:2.0MB)
  • Chapter 2 Status of Countermeasures against Nuclear Emergency
    • Section 1 Nuclear Emergency Preparedness Systems (PDF:998.2KB)
    • Section 2 Nuclear Emergency Measures at the Nuclear Regulation Authority (NRA) (PDF:151.3KB)
    • Section 3 Enhancement and Strengthening of Local Nuclear Emergency Preparedness System (PDF:2.0MB)
    • Section 4 FY 2021 Nuclear Energy Disaster Prevention Drill (PDF:370.5KB)
  • Appendix (PDF:6.6MB)


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