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The online magazine HIGHLIGHTING JAPAN



The cover of September 2023


  • Japan has a long history of building wooden bridges. In modern times, stones have also been used skillfully to build bridges. In this month's Highlighting Japan, we present various bridges built in traditional Japanese styles, sharing their history and telling their stories. Meanwhile, we also introduce bridges depicted in ukiyo-e art and unique Japanese perceptions of bridges.


  • An interview with Matsumura Hiroshi, a leading researcher on bridges in Japan

  • Introducing Ujibashi, considered one of the oldest bridges in Japan, and the long-established teahouse at its foot that has a shop that serves as guardian of the bridge

  • Introducing Nihon-bashi in Chuo City, Tokyo, which has been the starting point of Japan's main road for about 420 years

  • The curator of the Edo-Tokyo Museum talks about ukiyo-e paintings with bridge motifs

  • Introducing Kintaikyo, one of the Japan's leading traditional bridges, which is celebrating its 350th anniversary

  • Introducing Tsujunkyo, Japan's largest arched aqueduct bridge

  • Introducing Horaibashi, which was certified by Guinness World Records in 1997 as the longest wooden walking bridge in the world

  • Introducing Tsuru no Mai Hashi, a bridge which resembles a crane spreading its wings over Lake Tsugaru Fujimi in Tsuruta Town, Aomori Prefecture