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January 2016

Opening the Doors to Overseas Businesses

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- Attending International Summits
- Japan-France Summit Meeting
- Japan-India Summit Meeting

Opening the Doors to Overseas Businesses


Japan's Changing Investment Environment

Overseas companies investing in Japan continue to achieve success. We sat with Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) Chairman Hiroyuki Ishige to ask about the reasons why they are investing in Japan now and what merits have been attracting these investors.

Boom Town

As one of Japan's National Strategic Special Zones dedicated to globalizing economic activity, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's goal is to create the world's most business-friendly environment, offering an irresistible array of support measures geared to entice overseas businesses.

All the Signs Say Welcome

The city of Fukuoka in Kyushu has been designated a special zone for global startups and job creation as part of Japan's National Strategic Special Zones Project, and is presenting a range of lifestyle support solutions as part of a new initiative designed to make overseas entrepreneurs and their families feel at home in Japan.

Deeply Invested in Japan

The foreign business community is bullish on Japan, drawn by elements such as the country's highly educated and talented workforce, better corporate governance, strong legal and regulatory environment, stable government, solid transportation infrastructure and the massive value of the market itself.

Tiger in the House

Renowned for its wildly popular Scandinavian household goods that combine excellent taste with bargain prices, Flying Tiger Copenhagen has leveraged knowledge of Japan's business style, culture and creativity as it evolves into a global company.

The Rise of Robot Intelligence

Mujin, Inc., a venture firm originating at Tokyo University, has devised technology that makes industrial robots capable of autonomous and intelligent action. Why did this company―staffed primarily by foreigners―choose to develop its business in the Japanese market?

Soaring High

With domestic air routes that cover destinations in inland China and international routes limited to short-run flights, Juneyao Airlines has achieved swift growth through focused business expansion, smooth service and a steep rise in the number of Chinese tourists coming to Japan.

Introducing a Way of Life

Akmal Abu Hassan was recognized in 2012 for his achievements as an exchange student in Japan under Malaysia's "Look East Policy." After many years of experience living in Japan, he believes that providing a proper understanding of halal, which is garnering more attention in Japan, is the key to successfully building a halal market here.


Neutrino Navigator

Takaaki Kajita, director of the University of Tokyo's Institute for Cosmic Ray Research, was awarded the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics for the discovery of neutrino oscillation, which contradicted the Standard Model of particle physics. Kajita spoke about the past and future of his neutrino research.

Open Channel

An integral part of his neighborhood in Kobe for more than two decades, restaurateur Raja Dewan builds community through fine Indian cuisine, his skill with languages and a penchant for connecting and helping people.

A Platform For Dreams

Haruka Mera's crowdfunding company READYFOR is an online service that allows organizations and individuals to connect with others via the Internet to chronicle their visions and dreams, raise or provide funding, and make an impact on the world.

The World Comes Together in Japan

Although many view Japan as a homogenous society, in reality it is home to many people from abroad who have come for love, for business, for family, or to flee war or strife. They learn to love Japan, absorb the language and culture, and make connections with people. They also bring their unique cultures and traditions. These three different ethnic communities in Japan offer a feel for the flavors and cultures they share.