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Fishing for Flavor

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The Prime Minister Visits Ukraine
G7 Summit 2015 in Schloss Elmau
Japan-Germany Summit Meeting

Fishing for Flavor


Savoring the Flavor of Japan at Expo Milano 2015

Japan is showcasing the long history of Japanese food culture at Expo Milano 2015 under the banner "A Journey of Harmonious Diversity," and underlining its commitment to solving universal social issues such as the ongoing food crisis and food security.

Fish Form the Waves of Japan's Culinary Culture
Interview with food culture expert Takeo Koizumi

Traditional Japanese cuisine, known as washoku, was listed in December 2013 as a piece of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage. Fish are an indispensable element in washoku culture, where a diverse array of ingredients is used with subtlety to prepare each dish. To learn more, we spoke to food culture expert and fermentation scholar Takeo Koizumi, who possesses vast knowledge about washoku and fish.

The Market that Stocks Japan's Pantry

A close look at Tsukiji Market, the world-class clearinghouse that gathers together the freshest and most delicious seafood from throughout Japan.

Prime Ingredients

A French chef prizes the dedication of regional producers as he travels Japan to find the best ingredients for his two-star Tokyo restaurant.

The World's First Farm-raised Bluefin Tuna

As marine resources thin, a decades-long effort by Kinki University's Fisheries Laboratory has succeeded in the full farm cultivation of bluefin tuna, a fish integral to Japanese cuisine.

Shrimp Go Under Cover to Combat Food Insecurity

Designed to provide a safe, high-quality source of nutrition, Japan's first indoor shrimp production system (ISPS) sprang from an urge to solve the world's food security problems as the nation develops technology for the indoor mass breeding of marine organisms on land.

The Fish Promoted to First String

A seaside market in Hagi City is working hard to promote second-tier fish usually overshadowed by better-known breeds.

7 things you didn't know about fish in Japan

The Japanese have been eating fish for a very long time, and that has spawned a great deal of local trivia about fish largely unfamiliar to people overseas. How many of these did you know?


Preserving the True Flavor and Freshness of Food

CAS technology maintains the structural integrity of frozen organic matter to preserve the freshness, texture and flavor of food with possible applications in medicine and science as well.

The Farm Cook

Californian Nancy Singleton Hachisu took country-style living and cooking in Japan to heart, and now she shares what she's discovered with the rest of the world.

Knitting Friendships

Tamako Mitarai uses her global experience and business sense to weave winning products and human connections in a small Japanese town.

Mackerel Highway

Fresh fish hauled on strong backs from a seaside town over a country road through mountain passes and woods ensured that the citizens of Kyoto enjoyed fresh seafood.