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January 2011

The Spirit of Hospitality

The Spirit of Hospitality  ( HTML : English / Japanese )

If there is one thing visitors to Japan are certain to experience on their travels it is the Japanese people's inexhaustible spirit of hospitality. We introduce some of the many forms this hospitality takes.

Arrivals and Departures  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(475KB)

With the opening of the new international terminal at Haneda Airport last year, Tokyo now has a greater capacity than ever to welcome visitors from overseas.

Ryokan Comforts  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(138KB)

Service comes from the heart at the Kagaya spa and ryokan inn in Ishikawa Prefecture.

The Word on the Street  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(447KB)

We spoke to some tourists on the streets of Tokyo and found everyone buzzing about their experience in Japan.

Tips for the Traveler  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(101KB)



Checking Into Japan  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(67KB)

Japan is gearing itself up to welcome visitors from overseas for health checks and medical treatment.


Attracting MICE with Japanese Treats  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(112KB)

What is Japan-recent host of COP 10 and APEC-doing to attract more international meetings to its advanced conference facilities?


Character Reference  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(383KB)

In Japan, mascots often lead the way in the promotion of tourism-related activities.


Visiting Japan: Director's Cut  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(181KB)

Screenwriter Kundo Koyama is your guide on an unconventional tour of Japan.


Japan. Endless Discovery.  ( HTML : English / Japanese ) PDF(137KB)

Commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency Hiroshi Mizohata outlines the Government's latest efforts to attract more foreign tourists.

Road to the Bogor Goals  ( HTML : English / Japanese )

Waseda University Graduate School Professor Shujiro Urata offers a brief history of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum and reviews the accomplishments of APEC Yokohama.


Cool Japan Schedule, 2011  ( HTML : English / Japanese )



Pioneers in Organic Synthesis  ( HTML : English / Japanese )

Dr. Ei-ichi Negishi and Dr. Akira Suzuki have been awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry for 2010. We profile the chemists.


Superalloy Takes the Heat Off  ( HTML : English / Japanese )

Dr. Hiroshi Harada of the Japan National Institute for Material Science explains how the superalloy his team has developed can improve the fuel efficiency of commercial jets.


Old-Style Looms Weave Contemporary Chic  ( HTML : English / Japanese )

Kobo Oriza in Ehime Prefecture is crafting a reputation for weaving beautiful, high-quality scarves on restored, age-old looms.


Pull of the Power Spots  ( HTML : English / Japanese )

Japanese people continue to be attracted to places long worshipped as sacred sites. We visit two such popular destinations.


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